Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 3.76 - Injury

overcome an injury with level your life
Level Your Life - [The Injury Level] [3.76]


We ask that you observe nature and understand and appreciate both the cycles of increase and the cycles od deterioration.For most of us, physical injury is an inevitable recurrence of decrease.It is nature´s way of telling you that something is not right. You must not resist it. Think wu wei <<-- and yield to the injury. It is reality. The sooner you accept this, the sooner healing can take place.

Begin to affirm the following in order to stay on track : "Every day in every way, I get healthier and healthier. I am strong and vibrant." These words  will point you in the direction of positive attitudes toward recovery.
Taking this approach doesn´t alter the fact that when serious injury appears, it turns your world upside down. You will experience panic, tension, fear, anger,frustration,depression or a combination of these during the various stages of recovery.Such emotional turmoil creates more stress, which exacerbates the existing pain. To cope psychologically, focus on the positive aspects of your life, those things you appeciate most. We suggest you reread the level of Gratitude .

Use this period of recovery as a time for not only recuperation but for reflection as well.
Reflect upon your life: What is going well ? What need work ? reevaluate your daily routine and priorities and put your life into perspective. Reconnect with others who have experiences loss through injury. This will help you gain hope and confidence while reducing the fear and other churning emotons you may be experiencing.

Injury is a crisis for the injured and for those who care about them.
In Chinese, the word for crisis includes both danger and opportunity: opportunity blowing on a dangerous wind. We encourage you to search for hidden opportunities during this difficult period.

"Nurture your mind and body ... look for wisdom in your acceptance of the times " ~ The I Ching

Be sure to meditate and then visualize your injury healing itself. This will reduce anxiety,subdue pain and hasten recovery. After meditating and quieting the mind, feel your injured area becoming more and more relaxed. Imagine how it feels as the pain subsides. See the area going from a deep red to a ligher shade  of pink - pink being the color of healthy tissue. Feel yourself performing once again, pain free.

Declaration: My injury is an opportunity for me to learn what I need to know and do in my athletic and personal life. Every day, in every way, I get healthier and stronger.

Reflection: What has my past or present injury taught me about my life ? What steps can I take to diminish the risk of injury and illness ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]