Friday, January 3, 2014

Level 1.25 - Gratefulness

Level Your Life [The Level of Gratefulness] [1.25]
How many of us arrive at the arena of performance with full minds and empty hearts?
Minds filled with trivia,distraction and minor details interfere with awareness and focus.In the grand scheme of life what is truly important is the present moment : the breath that gives and sustains life, enabling you to perform.
When you acknowledge the gifts of life and hold gratitude deep within, you are ready to perfrom with a clear mind and focused heart.
Before you begin your workout, training session or work for the day, think of seven aspects of life that you appreciate.For example, your skills, talents,mind,health,familiy , opportunities and work. Now, with eyes closed, connect to the feeling of appreciation.
If you are grateful and appreciative of your health, feel your vitality. If you are appreciative of your talents, be sure to use them consciously this dy.
Now, open your eyes and take on the day´s tasks.
Notice the difference in how you perform, such ordinary moments create the extraordinary in all you do.

Declaration: When I refuse to take things for granted and I focus on gratitude, I become aligned with my heart and connected to  my performance.

Reflection: What are seven aspects of my life - the tangible and the intangible - that I truly appreciate ?What does the act identifying these do for me right now ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]