Frequently Asked Questions

1]What is Level Your Life (LYL) ?

LYL is more than just a blog about avant-garde personal development.
LYL is more than just the first community to show you how to measure your exact progress in any (!) aspect of your life.
LYL is more than just the first MMOFFRPG (Massively Multiplayer offline RPG).
LYL is more than just a network to accelerate your individual growth.                          
LYL is a Lifestyle. 

What LYL means for you ; this you will have to find out for yourself;
but first and foremost LYL strifes to be for everyone by everyone.

A place where absolutely every aspect of personal development shall be explored ~ A manual on  becoming a demi god~

2]What is LYL`s target audience?

Everyone who feels that time for change has come.
Everyone who has decided, that time for change has come.
Everyone who has understood, that you have to change yourself in order to change the circumstances.

3]Why should I join LYL?

Everyone who desires to become the best version of her/himself will recognize swiftly how enormous the value of LYL can be - presupposed she/he has the intention to discover the real depth of her/his unique invidiual potential.....                                                    

                                                                   do you ?

4]And how does LYL work exactly?

Noone knows....
To understand exactly how everything works, you will have to do just a little bit of reading.
(Do you really expect to learn something that will shatter your current world view in a couple of cliffnotes?)
On first glance the techniques we are going to introduce might seem strange,small minded people might even say pseudoscientific or  esoterical. These notions will vanish once you have experimented with them a little and begin to grasp their unbelievably vast implications.

And after all you took the violet pill,therefor you acknowledged an open mind.

5]Okay well, good

    but how does it work?

To keep it short : we implement (together!) a system which will enable you to establish a fluent connection to your subconscious mind. Through this unique connection it is easily possible for us to gather the information we need in order to play our game of LYL.
Our subconsciousness gives us everything we need, we can get the exact statistics for every skill or attribute that might be of importance to us. We just have to ask .This might sound strange to you but be reminded you took the violet pill and therfor do not judge anything until you know everything about it. After we received our "stats" ,we will write these down in our character sheet. These sheets are inspired by ancient pen&paper roleplaygames and function as a kind of interface of your progress.

We do not want to clench and remain playful with our personal development.
You could even say that "Level Your Life"is the first,true MMOFRPG (Massively Multiplayer Offline Roleplay Game)

After you learned the techniques to quickly contact your subconscious ,it is your choice how often you update your character sheet.
Every day, every week, every month or after each action that might promise improvement - your decision. As with everything in life find out what is comfortable for your individual self.
(But we would be very happy if you share your experiences of your personal development in our forum)

6]I have never consciouscly contacted my sub-conscious mind.   Is this very difficult? 

No- it is very easy..

7]LYL must be witchcraft !

No.We are merely avantgarde. Continue here or here

[remember this is just an alpha version]