Sunday, July 13, 2014

Daily Shorty | 7/13/14

Give Attention to What Feels Good.....

Something that is reality seems like it deserves your attention,
 it’s true, after all, it’s true. Shouldn’t I document it? Shouldn’t I count it?
 Shouldn’t I make the statistics of it? Shouldn’t I tell others about it?
Shouldn’t I warn my children about it?”

Shouldn’t we beat the drum of these things that we do not want,
because they are reality, and therefore make them more reality?
And, we ask, why would you do that? Why not look out into the database of
creation and selectively sift the realities that you want to replicate, and beat those drums?
And your answer is never a good enough one.
It is: “We do it because it’s reality. We do it because somebody else did it.”

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not let the reality of something
be our basis for attention; we would let the feeling-vibration of it be our basis.
So we would start saying to anyone who was interested in knowing what we were about,
“If it feels good, I give it my full attention; if it doesn’t, I don’t look at it at all.”

And you know what they’ll say to you? “You should face reality!” So answer back,
“I do—I do it all the time. I’ve just become a more selective sifter of the reality that I face.
 Because I’ve begun to discover that whatever reality I’m facing; whatever reality
 I’m talking about, thinking about, remembering, regurgitating; whatever reality
 I’m making statistics of; whatever reality I’m holding for very long in my vibration,
 becomes my own reality.

And I’ve become particular about the realities that I replicate in my experience
because I’ve discovered that I can create reality.
 I can create reality! I can create reality—and
I can choose the reality that I’m creating.”
Oh, we love saying that to you. You are creators, and you can create anything that you want,
but there’s a better way of saying it:
You can and will create anything that you are giving your attention to.


"When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. 
That's my religion." Abraham Lincoln

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