Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily Shorty 10/3/2014

Some Other Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Now, there are other ways of raising your vibrations than Meditation,
such as listening to music that makes your heart sing, jogging in a beautiful place, petting your cat,
walking your dog, and so on. These are just some of the many pleasant activities that cause a
release of resistance and a rise in vibration.

Often you are in your highest state of connection to Source Energy
while you are driving your vehicle.That is the reason why there are relatively so few traffic accidents.
The rhythm of the road, the distraction from what has been bothering you,
and the idea  of going someplace new often causes you to leave behind
thoughts of things that have been bothering you.

Your goal is to release any thought that causes resistance so
that you are then in a place of pure, positive thought.
It is not a problem if you cannot completely quiet your mind—unless your mind is chattering
about negative things. If you are softly thinking about pleasant things during Meditation,
it can be of value.

Is quite easy to find something that is pure, positive Energy. Thinking about your pets
can be a good source of positive thought because animals are so unconditional in their love.
Just find any thought that feels good when you think it, and practice it until you begin to set
that tone within you.  And then, other good-feeling thoughts will follow.


"Music can also be a sensual pleasure, like eating food or sex. But its highest vibration for me is that point of taking us to a real understanding of something in our nature which we can very rarely get at. It is a spiritual state of oneness." ~ Terry Riley