Monday, February 3, 2014

The Compass of Truth Part 1

Learn to navigate your [Compass of Truth]

Imagine - what if you had access to simple yes-or-no (Y/N) answer to any question you wished to ask ? A demonstrably true answer to any question. Think about it...

There´s the obvious "Jane is seeing another guy?"(Y/N?);
"Johnny is telling the truth about school?"(Y/N?)
But it´s only a short step to: "This is a safe investment ?"(Y/N?) or "This career is 
worthy of my pursuit?" (Y/N?)

What if everyone had such access ? Staggering implications suggest themselves immediately.
Think again: What would happen to our ponderious and all-too-often flawed judicial system if there was a clear, confirmable answer to the proposition, "John Doe is guilty as charged?" (Y/N?)

What would happen to politics as we know if all of us could ask the question, "Candidate X honestly intends to fulfill this campaign promise ?" (Y/N?) - and all of us got the same answer ?
And what would happen to advertising, period ?

You get the idea. But the idea gets bigger,fast. What happens to nationalism ("Nation X is really dedicated to the ovethrow of Democracy?") ? To government "This bill does in fact protect the rights of citizens?")? What happens to "The check is in the mail"?

If, as has been said, man learned to lie an hour after he learned to talk, then a phenomenon such as the one we´re discussing would be the genesis of the most fundamental change in human knowledge since the beginning of society; the transformations it would wreak - in fields from communcations to ethics, in our most basic concepts, in every detail of daily existence - would be so profound that it´s difficult to even conceive what life would be like in a subsequent new era of truth.

The world as we know it would be irrevocably changed, right down to its very roots.

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[inspired by Power vs. Force]