Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 2.44 - Instinct

Level Your Life [The Level of Instinct][2.44]


The I Ching reminds us to "act out the dance of your inner self, trust the inherent correctness of your instincts,.. in this way you will meet with success."
Over the years, we have learned that to know and to act are one and the same. Your actions and performance are the result of the body´s innate intelligence, coupled with a mind that trusts what the body knows while being willing to step out of the body´s way.
It is a response that comes from our unconscious minds. Martial artists call it a sixth sense, a state of hyper-awarenes that produces calm in an otherwise fearful, tense situation.

In sports,fitness and life performance is directly related to your ability to follow your instincs: those impulses, feelings, and automatic responses - quick reactions to fast-paced situations.

You need to call upon and trust your intuitive self.

We all possess this instinct, yet few of us trust it to the extent we must to be successfull. When we are in the midst of physical activity, there is often no time to think, so cultivate and develop your instincts as you practice and work. 

Follow your inner voice and notice how things develop. Know that good things happen when you rely on natural insight. 

Instinct, or intuitive action, is a significant aspect of Zen and Buddhist thinking, and having a Buddha mind means trusting and acting accordingly. Notice how your greatest successes occur during those times when you trust the wisdom of your heart, your basic instinct.

Remember these words of the Tao Te Ching : "Evolved individuals know without going about, recognize without looking, achieve without acting."

Declaration: My instincts are the result of real knowledge, based on the wisdom gained from my experience. My performance success is the result of trusting and following this inner sixth sense.
 I am in sync with instinct.

Reflection : What recent success have I had using my insinct ? In the future, what specific things can I do in the situations I may envision that will allow me to trust and follow my instinct ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]