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The Universal Laws

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Universal Laws [LYL]

                            1]The Law of Oneness

Everything is interconnected and shares the same Source. Also known as the Law of Energy.

Excerpt from The Vision of Ramala – “It is a wise soul who recognizes that all humanity is indeed part of the one great whole, that every human being can be considered as an individual cell in the cosmic brain of your Creator. There is, truly, no separation except where humanity chooses to live it.
 “So one of the great lessons of physical life is to rise above this apparent separation,
to see that it is ‘apparent’ and to learn that you are truly one with your Creator, not just in
your physical, but also in your spiritual being.

 “There is no separation in this physical world between you and your God. This
world is your God. Your God is this world. You are living in and are an actual part of your
God just as an aspect of your God is living in and is an actual part of you – so the greater is
to be found within the smaller, which is contained within the greater.”

                            2]The Law of Fulfillment 

The following quotes and references are from the book, Ye Are Gods
by Annalee Skarin:

“There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven, before the 
foundations of the earth, upon which all blessings are predicated; and if we obtain any 
blessings from God, it is by obedience to that law”.

 This law is also known as the Law of Production or the Law of Creation. As you
sow, so shall you reap. Plant the seed and bring in the harvest. Every thought has the power
to create reality and as you judge, so shall you be judged.

This Law of Fulfillment deals with the power of thoughts and words where thoughts
are seeds and, when coupled with emotion, produces a living vibration that will bring forth
each after its kind.
Desire is the heat that generates the seed and gives it power to manifest –
the power of creation. The law is true and eternal, no matter what we desire, if we plant the
seeds (thoughts) and keep out the weeds (doubt and fear) it will come forth.
 “When we prepare our minds, without fears and without worries for greater things,
greater things will be given. The power to govern our surroundings and to build perfectly is
in our hands. It is the power of thought, which is the power of Godhood.”

                            3]The Law of Cause and Effect

Also known as karma, this law assures a rebalance of
energy in the cosmic energy pool, where for every action there must be an equal and
opposite reaction. This law applies to the actions of all beings. Karma has often been seen as
a judgment: that whatever you give out you’ll get back, as if you will be punished. However
it has simply to do with the exchange of energy: whatever energy is released (sent out) by a
being, will attract like particles and rebound back.

Energy expands and contracts, so if energy of a negative nature is emitted, then it will contract back to its transmission source in  response to its original expansion, and bring negativity with it.
Same is true of positive energy.

                            4]The Law of Change and Transmutation

Every condition can be transmuted and everything is always changing. 
The only consistent thing in the universe is the  indestructibility of energy and its changing form.

 This is also known as the Law of Alchemy – every condition in life can be
transmuted into glory and made divinely beautiful, no matter what that condition is. If we
accept it, bless it, thank God for it or be ‘thankful in all things’, we can transmute even bitter
and heart-breaking experiences and conditions of life into spiritual loveliness by this most
perfect and exacting law. We can also receive the power to transmute our spiritual desires
and dreams into tangible material manifestation.
 This law never fails and includes the spiritual law of change and transmutation as
well as material laws and elements. This alchemy is the power of God in action and is
eternal and unchanging and brings exact results.

Annalee Skarin says “The Law of Spiritual Chemistry is the law transmuting all
conditions, all vibrations, all darkness into beauty and music and light. One must learn to
speak the language of the Angels, or speak with ‘new tongues’. He must learn to speak from
the soul and never from the lips or even the mind. He who speaks from the lips chatters. He
who speaks from an empty mind adds confusion to discord. He who speaks from a full mind
feeds the minds of men. He who speaks from his heart wins confidence of mankind. But he
who speaks from his soul heals the heartbreaks of the world and feeds the hungry, starving
souls of man. He can dry the tears of anguish and pain. He can bring light for he will carry
light. The language of the soul is ‘sacred’ language and most beautiful ... It can only bring a
benediction of glory, for it is the language of the eternal spheres and the language of Gods. It
is the gift of the Spirit known as the ‘new tongues’ ... The power of transmutation is the
power to contact the centre of the soul through the heart. This method alone holds the power
of fulfillment and perfection”.

                             5] The Law of Balance

The integration of polarities.
The term ‘polarity’ means, opposing  forces with no competition between them.
The forces collectively move towards a harmonized objective, resulting in growth.
Duality is opposing forces of energy which have taken on a personality and
have therefore become competitive, playing one against the other
through judgment and competition, and thereby creating the ego as part of the incarnated

We live on a plane of duality and need to exercise the Law of Balance to create
a polarity of male/female, positive/negative energies to achieve harmony and integration.
The Law of Balance when integrated into our being is one of the first steps to enlightenment.

                             6]The Law of Manifestation

Allows us to manifest our desires and needs when the intention is for the
 highest good of, not just yourself, but also others.
 Decide what you want, state it clearly, let it go and assume it is done. Do not doubt!
Our ability to manifest our desires into physical reality is
guaranteed when we are in synchronistic alignment with  Divine Will,
and have no internal sabotage patterns running from cellular memory

                             7]The Law of Synchronicity

Being in the perfect place at the perfect time.
Perfect attunement and perfect alignment where everything flows magically and harmoniously
This law is also known as the Law of Grace which states that when beings are aligned perfectly,
they will flow with the divine perfection of God as God manifests in their lives.

                             8]The Law of Discernment

Also known as the Law of Differentiation, this law has to do
with being totally in tune with what is the next step in our personal evolution.

                             9]The Law of Forgiveness

This refers to the paying of karmic debts, the rebalance of energy by those who have created the energy imbalance. It brings forgiveness of self and  others as no healing can be achieved without forgiveness.

                             10]The Law of Resonance

Like energies attract like particles due to their electromagnetic
fields; so whatever we send out in thought, word or action, is amplified and returned to us.

                             11]The Law of Perfection

Everything is perfect in its divine state.

                             12]The Creative Law of Divine Affirmation

The power of thought and words which affirm
that you are what you believe yourself or your reality to be. As you think, so shall you be.

                              13]The Law of Compensation

The order under which one receives just remuneration. This
law is universal and not subject to personal demands. It is associated with the Law of Cause 
and Effect and the Law of Creativity and is exercised in direct relation to an individual’s
choice of action.

                              14]The Law of Adaption

The law of allowing and flowing easily with the only constant
thing in the universe – the changing nature of energy as it expresses itself in many diverse
forms. We must be flexible, as change brings growth. Opening up and allowing the purest
energy to flow through our being unhindered will bring great joy and balance as we tune in
to greater powers. Tuning our energy fields to accept only the purest of energies will
maximize this experience.

                              15]The Law of Causation

Works in harmony with the stars so that a being is born at a time 
when the positions of the bodies in the solar system will give the conditions necessary to 
experience his/her advancement in the school of life. This covers the science of astrology 
which influences our life according to the choice of birth sign and time of birth.

                              16]The Law of Evolution and Rebirth

A slow process of development carried on with
unwavering persistence through repeated embodiment in forms of increasing efficiency
whereby all are, in time, brought to a height of spiritual splendor in recognition of Source 
and true identity. Also known as the Law of Periodicity.

                              17]The Law of Analogy

Know thyself’. 
It allows for a being to arrive at an understanding of
the God Force within him/herself and within the universe by understanding all aspects of
his/her own being

                              18]The Law of Duality

When a being is consciously connected to the Source or ‘enlightened’
they are above this law and unaffected by it. Until that time, this law affects the polarity of

                              19]The Law of Mind

While Spirit is Absolute Reality, mind is the medium through which
Spirit works, through which creation takes place into physical form on this plane. The Law
of Mind states that as you believe, so it will be. This means that at this level, man’s belief
influences and creates his reality. “The Law of Mind is the summation of human belief.” 

                              20]The Law of Patience

The law of Patience states that all things will have their time
and their season. As all that unfolds in the Divine Blueprint does so in Divine Time,
patience becomes a virtue where one understands that aligned focus will eventually bring all
thoughts, words and actions to their proper fruition. In the Divine Will game, one becomes
aware that what does not come to fruition immediately is simply not destined to do so at that
point in time.

                              21]The Law of Respect

This law honors an individual’s right to seek universal truth and
Divine Wisdom in a manner that makes their heart sing provided that it also respectfully
honors all life. 

                              22]The Universal Law

The Universal law is that knowledge, that awareness, that all
living things, that all life has within it that vitality, that strength, to gather from itself all
things necessary for its growth and its fruition. 

                              23]The Law of Love

The Law of Love is that Law which places the welfare and the
concern and the feeling for others above self. The Law of Love is that close affinity with all
forces that mankind may associate with as positive 

                              24]The Law of Mercy

The Law of Mercy is that law which allows one to forgive all
error; to forgive equally those who err against you as you err against them. This is to be
merciful. To be merciful is akin to the Law of Love, and if one obeys the Law of Mercy
there can be no error in the world. 

                              25] The Law of Gratitude

The Law of Gratitude is governed by the Law of Resonance.
This law states that the more we express our gratitude for the things we enjoy in life, the
more we will attract to ourselves things to be grateful for.

                              26]The Law of Example

While Spirit is Absolute Reality, mind is the medium through which
Spirit works, through which creation takes place into physical form on this plane. The Law
of Mind states that as you believe, so it will be. This means that at this level, man’s belief
influences and creates his reality. “The Law of Mind is the summation of human belief.”

The Law of Gratitude is governed by the Law of Resonance.
This law states that the more we express our gratitude for the things we enjoy in life, the
more we will attract to ourselves things to be grateful for.

                              27]The Law of Tolerance

The law of Tolerance is associated with the Law of Respect.
It is a Law which inspires us to recognize the divinity in all. This recognition moves us
beyond judgment and separation that comes from race, religion, culture, creed, age or gender

[excerpt from In Resonance]