Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Pendulum

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The following is an excerpt of Self-Hypnotism: The Technique and Its Use in Daily Living by Leslie M.LeCron. We recommend it in order to get a clear understanding of what self-hypnosis is and to learn more about the use of the pendulum. You will be shocked how many misconceptions you acquired due to, for instance, Hollywood.

Learn how to use a pendulum and contact your subconscious mind(just try)

As a pendulum almost every light object can be used. For instance a ring,a small metal frame, or a medallion. The item needs to be bound to a 12-17cm long yarn (4,7-7inches).
(I myself use an old sports medal; but many people have been successfull with these Natural Amethyst Crystal Pendulums)
The pendulum has been used for centuries to forecast the future , our use of it, of course, has nothing to do with prophecy.
We will just use it to gather information from our subconscious mind; the pendulum being by far the easiest and quickest method to establish contact .
A small group of doctors,dentists and psychologists, which is known as the "Hypnose Simposium" , has instructed thousands of physicians in this method.
In thousands of cases it has been used - also by psychiatrists  - with great success. 
When using the pendulum you should keep the yarn or chain between your thumb and forefinger;the elbow gently rested on a table or (if no other option) your knee. Like that ,the pendulum can oscillate without any restraint.

hold your pendulum like that

The pendulum is able to move into 4 different directions:
-straight from left to right
-front to back
Pendulum movement (from above)

Each direction refers to a specific answer. Just like when calibrating with SMTs , we first have to know what`s what. The possible answers are:
-I do not know
-I do not want to answer (this one indicates that there is some kind of issue in regards to the question)

Take a couple of deep breaths, sit comfortably and simply say or think while gently holding your pendulum between forefinger and thumb. "What means yes?"
Relax, and watch what happens. (This might be a mind expanding experience for you , if you have never done it before and did it correctly)

After a couple of seconds the pendulum should start to swing in a certain direction.This will be the direction assigned to "Yes" (obviously).Sometimes it takes a little bit longer - just stay focused and it will happen.

Now go on and calibrate the other three answers,(ask "what means no?", "what means "I do not know", "what means "i do not want to answer"?) this needs to be done everytime you use the pendulum, but it is a rather quick process once you are used to it.
calibrate your pendulum

Basically, you are already set now. Once you have calibrated the meaning of each direction you are free to ask your sub-consciousness everything you desire to know.  (go back to how to calibrate)