Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.99 - Now

it is NOW time
Level Your Life -  [The Level of Now] [4.99]


In his classic "The Way of Zen, Alan Watts refers to what Western mystics call the Eternal Now, the state of one-pointed awareness, this "one moment" in the sense of being focused in the present. Being parked in the present without focusing on past experiences or fears of the future is the very essence of what we are trying to achieve.
The warrior has learned that in all physicial activity(which is everything) he must be focused in there here and now to experience optimal performance. He knows what we all need to know, that being in the now is pure joy and satisfaction.
You do not dance to get to some other place and you do not sind to get to the end of the song.
Neither should you work out, train,run,swim or do your job just to get it done. Focus on the joy of the process- minute by minute, day by day.
To help you focus like this, direct your attention to all the wonderful things going inside your body as you do your task. Feel the blood flow through the arterial pathways. Remind yourself that every moment you train and work is an investment in mental and physical health, one that pays dividends for years to come.
Focus your eyes only on what your are doing.
Fill your ears with words of encouragement and positive expressions. Perhaps listen to music that facilitates concentration in the moment.
Try to plan your life as if you were to live forever, yet act as if this is your last day on earth.
Carpe diem: Seize the day. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. feel "the fierce urgency of now."

Declaration: What time is it ? Now ! I always perform at my best when I focus on the here and now. Now is how performance becomes wow.

Reflection: Today, when my mind starts racing toward the future and I begin to become overwhelmed with chores and work to do, I will ask myself this question: "What can I do today, since that is all I have ?