Monday, January 27, 2014

The 25-day Process

The path to success might be long; but the reward is more than worth it.
                          [25~ days to form a new habit ~ YOU + 25 perfect days  =  perfect ? ]

Everything you do in this present moment has the good chance of becoming a habit...
so browsing LYL right now is a good start......

Once we are clear about how we would really like to be; which dreams or desires
we wholeheartedly  would like to manifest, it is time to take steps accordingly.
Our first few steps will serve as a steadfast fundament for all of our future personal development.

There might be many things we dislike about our current status-quo of living.
Of course it is not possible to change all of that at once;
especially if you have developed strong negative habits.
It is one of our main-goals to reduce those bad habits as well as we can during these twentyfive days,
and maybe even eliminate them completely.

This is a necessary step, because one has  to understand that his willpower is restricted and every fresh decision drains it; so in order to really experience and live our lifes to the fullest it is advisable to implement the most positive habits you can think of into your daily routine.
In the long run this is the only way to enable you to have enough power
to step out of your comfort zone frequently. And we all know this is where the fun is at.

So,It is true that it takes around 21+- days to form a new habit.

We will use 25 for good measurement and to be on the safe side, also the first "perfect" day can be a troublesome one ,therefore we are giving you some time to adjust to your new style of life.
In theory it is possible to transform every aspect of your life during these 3+ weeks.
Just design every day perfectly and after these twenty five days you will be habitually perfect.

The 25 day process is unique for everyone as no one can tell you what you want and what is specifically needed to accomplish that. You have to have a vivid conception of how  the ideal version of yourself looks like - in all its aspects - and this needs to be written down. (Which attributes or skills do you want to cultivate?)

Of course this journey is going to be long, seemingly endless but remember even a
thousand mile journey starts with a single step - and this is how we are going to accomplish it.
Step by step,day by day, hour by hour.

Basically the goal during your 25-day-process is to live everyday as "perfect" as you can - without any excuses. Of course they won`t be perfect, perfection is an illusion, but in this way your mind,
soul and body will be trained for the extraordinary.Try to get the most out of your work-out,relationships,business,meditation  and life in general while staying in the present moment (and enjoying it too!)

Additionaly to all of the mind expanding content on LYL which should greatly assist you to achieve your personal goals, we will implement three easy but immensely powerful techniques to conquer your twenty five day character creation.

All of them should be used eagerly throughout the whole process.

a) preconceived diary

This is a simple but enormously powerful tool.
Ideally before going to bed take 5-10 minutes and write your diary.
But not in the usual way. Take a minute;visualize the next day and how everything would go if it were to be perfect.
Then write it down as if you just experienced it.Use a lot of adjectives to give some soul to your "prophecy".
Of course not everything will go according to your diary but your mind will be directed to the way you strife to go.

This simple method does not only enhance your visualization skill but also gives you a sense of control over your day. Just gently try to stay on the path of your diary and notice how things unfold in the coming days.

In theory if you design every new day perfectly (to your own standard) and act according to it.
After these 25 days you will be habitually perfect. (!) - something which obviously everyone should strife for.

b) 1-hour-purpose

Many of you are probably familiar with the idea to write down your (longterm) goals and reread them frequently  in order to achieve them. This, we are going to take to the next Level as well.
To stay on track and keep your mind in the right direction we encourage you to write down your purpose for each new hour. Just one (maybe two) sentences about what you want to accomplish in this hour.

Sounds easy ? Try it and notice how your productivity,focus and thought-control improve daily .Also notice the difference between how the events in your life unfold when you use this technique and when you don´t.That is the reason why  it is important to not skip an hour. Do not get lazy with it, unless that is your purpose for the next hour. :) .

c) daily reevaluation

At the end of each day we will evaluate our performance by asking us

"What went well?"
                                          "What needs improvement?"

After completing your personal 25-day-process you have reached LYL Level 1 and are free to begin with your 56 Lessons of the Seeker.

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