Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 3.82 - Pause

Level Your Life - [The Pause Level] [3.82]


The Chinese symbol for pause depicts a person in a small roadside pavillon taking some time to view the scenery and enjoy a few moments of self-reflection. When recharged and rested, he continues the journey.

In today´s world, it seems as though more is better when, in reality, less is actually more. Still, when you think about taking down time and resting for a few days, you may fear you will fall behid, lose your edge and sacrifice the advantage to your competitor.But be aware not knowing when to rest cab lead to self-destruction such as injury,burnout ,chronic fatigue and a lackluster performance. 

Let this quote from a musician remind you that less is more : "Truly great music is the result of the pause or space between the notes. Musical pauses are not a lack of action: they are an integral part of the action." This is the true warrior mentality.
Regardless of your activity, getting in great physical or mental shape requires rest(pause) , space between workouts and events. We must realize that our cellular structure is fragile and must have periods of rest. 
It amounts to the age-old battle between moderation and excessiveness. Excessiveness is a cancer of the sould. It forces you to lose motivation and joy. The cure for this ailment is moderation, where less becomes more.
Days off from your daily routines or events are a good start. Enjoy the pause for what it truly is ...a refreshing -time out. Moderation helps restore balance,increase excitement and enthusiasm , and restores the motivation to cintinue something you love to do.
The moderate warrior knows how to "fondle" the body and mind into shape as opposed to excessively forcing or pushing it here. "Fondle, don´t force" is a useful mantra in this regard.

Concerning the value of rest, we invite you to seek moderation in all things. 
                "Even in moderation?" we ask.

Declaration: When in doubt, cut it out ; rest is best. I seek opportunities to rest and give my mind and body a chance to regenerate and get stronger.
Reflection: What is my worst fear about taking a rest or pause in my work ? What poistive effects could I experience from a well-timed pause ? How can I intiate a pause in my routine now ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]