Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.77 - Simplicity

improve your life with simplicity
Level Your Life -  [The Level of Simplicity] [4.77]


The chinese word for simplicity is p´u,literally meaning the uncarved block of wood in its natural state of simply being wood.
We embrace simplicity and limit desires for superficial adornment.When you mdo this, you experience a kind of freedom, this is the freedom to focus , to concentrate and be absolutely harmonious and present during a performance.
In all aspects of training, the warrior follows the nature´s law of simplicity: less is more.
Today, sports and fitness seem to have become much too complex with all their attendant technological advances: watchches, heart-rate monitors, energy bars, replacement drings, exercise machines. Clearly much is gained, yet so much is lost.
Whatever happened to listening to your body for appropriate feedback?

Ethiopian Adebe Bikila won an Olympic gold medal in the marathon running bare-foot. No high-tech shows or digital timepiece for him- he simply ran. Complex gadgetry can create distraction, anxiety and tension , hindering performance.

The mentality and heart of the warrior focus on back to basics, where attention is directed toward in-the-moment response to present conditions.

Try simple workouts,simple diet, basic nutritious food free of chemical additives and simple clothing.Shed extra stuff by asking "Do i really need this ?" Many are discovering the benefits of a simpler life.
"Know what is enough; return to simplicity " ~ Tao te Ching
Many outstanding accomplishments come in the pures, simplest moments.

Declaration:Simplicity is the freedom to focus on only that which is truly important.
Great things happen in times of pure simplicity. Embrace nature´s way: less is more.

Reflection: In whatt ways can I stramline my life at work,at home and with my phsyical activity? what effect would this have on my overall performance ?

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