Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 3.92 - Slumps

Level Your Life - [The Slump Level] [3.92]


The cycles of life cannot be hastened. Slumps are natural physical,mental, emotional and spiritual cycles.They are inevitable occurrences in all arenas of performance.

There are two kind of people : those who go into a slump and those who will go into one. slumps are the common round that unites all who pursue to live to their full potential.
That said, you must refuse to fight them, choosing instead to focus on the little things, the process rather than outcomes or results. In this way, you can relax and build confidence. When you fight slumps, you create more pressure, tension and anxiety, thereby exacerbating an already dismal situation.
Slumps are the natural lowest points of the perpetual pendulum swing in life´s ups and downs. Only when you fully surrender to the downswing at the very bottom you can begin to experience the natural, exhilarating and effortless upswing in the growth cycle of life.
You must yield to the downswing in order to perform optimally.
An effective way to yield to a slump is to focus your attention on the little things you can control and to refuse to get caught upin results - those things you cannot control.
When you focus on outcomes, you get tight,tense and tentative because they are becond your reach. Instead, align your focus on all the essential little things that cause you to perform well- this will help you relax, stay calm and be more confident.

Slumps happen when you try to force results instead of simply doing all the things that allow you to perform naturally. Resisting slumps is counterproductive.

Meditation and visualization exercises can help you recapture your natural rhythm as you feel the performance you wish to regain. While visualizing, affirm to yourself "Soft is strong" .
Paradoxically enough, when you give up trying to control your downswings and slumps, you gain control and begin to fly.

Declaration: Slumps are natural cycles. When I enter one, I choose to focus on the little things and watch the big things happen. When I let go of outcomes and results, I regain my natural rhythm.

Reflection: When I am performing at my best at what I do, what contributes to this? How can I bring this to my life during a slump ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]