Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 3.99 - Plateau

Level Your Life- [The Plateau Level] [3.99]


From the very beginning of your journey on the road of physical and mental training , you will occasionally encounter periods during which you make no progress and become frustrated and disgruntled. What you may fail to sealize at such times is that you are experiencing what everyone else experienes as well: the sacred space called plateau.

Pleateaus in sports,fitness,family life and business are a natural part of the process of achieving.In fact ,we want you to know that most worthwhile learning happens during these periods of plateau. For this reason alone, love and embrace this delightful stage of improvement. We ask that you accept this time as natural and essential: a time when body and mind catch up to your new, emerging level of performance. It provides opportunities for deeper learning and self-mastery.
This is the sacred purpose of the plateau, and most of us fail to realize its importance.

So many people become frustrated and fight times of plateau, feeling that they are stagnating and not improving. This is both incorrect and counterproductive.
Listen to ancient warrior wisdom and accept this plateau stage as nature´s way of perfecting what you have recently learned.

You are here for a period of time , and one day you will wake up and think that you´ve reached a higher level overnight when, in reality, you´ve been slowly developing during this grounded,learning plateau phase.

Declaration: I accept my plateaus as important stages of development during which my body and mind  is adjusting to new levels of excellence never reached before. Without plateau, I will not go - ahead.

Reflection: If I could embrace my plateaus in this way, what effect would this have on my physical, emotional and spiritual life? What obstacles to shifting to this way of thinking stand in my way?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]