Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.62 -Selflessness

Level Your Life - [The Level of Selflessness][4.62]


Remember that a flock of geese works together, conserving energy and flying farther by combining their efforts as they fly in a V formation instead of selfishly flyong on their own. This is the power of giving and caring, which , for most of us is counterintuitive."

In life we intuitevely search to get, not give. You ask yourself "What can i get from being a member of ... ? " or "What can I get out of working ... ?" Selflessness encourages you to be a servant.
In fact, in japanese the word "samurai" , the servant warrior whose purpose is to help others along the path. We have noticed that evolved individuals put themselves last, yet they are first.
Look for opportunities to bring out another´s best; give praise and credit to a job well done.

Selflessness , you will observe, ultimately brings personal fulfillment and conserves energy , allowing for higher levels of play.

Give to others for the sake of giving, without expecting anything in teturn.
Selflessness is a way to self-fulfillment.

Declaration: To create more joy and fulfillment for myself and others, I remind myself that when I give, I get back a hundredfols. This is nature´s law of reciprocity.

Reflection:In what three ways can I demonstrate the power of giving in my life ? What can i do today to become more selfless?

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