Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.15 - Integrity

to improve your life you need integrity
Level your Life- [The Level of Integrity] [4.15]


"Hold your ethics and principles and do not compromise what you believe to be right. Acting with integrity is the key. " I Ching 29

How far you go in athletics,work and life is directly influenced by the scope of your integrity.The Chinese symbols for integrity illustrate wholeness of character and a commitment to stand up for personal principles - never for a moment considering compromising what you believe to be right.
"Do the right thing" , act with integrity in all things. For us, integrity is the act of narrowing the existential gap between what you say or feel and what you do.

Physicial activity presents you with continual opportunities to demonstrate your integrity. You may say you train, hard yet when others are not looking, you back off the intensity. You may say you´ll show up but don´t. You might claim you want to get in shape, yet indulge in counrproductive eating habits. There aremany ways this gap between what you say and do can manifest.
There is another way you can compromise your integrity that happens frequently in sports for example: not playing (or working) to your full potential. Integrity is the refusal to compromise your talents regardless of the score, the outcome, the differnece in levels of ability among competitors.
Do not give others permission to make you feel inferior,undeserving or less than you are.
This journey asks that you demonstrate integrity every chance you get and feel the power of being a true winner.

Declaration: I consistently look for openings where I can narrow the gap between who I am , what I say and what I do.
Reflection: How do I demonstrate a lack of integrity in my daily doing? What are some concrete things I can do to create more integrity in my life ?
What effect would this have on my performance ??

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]