Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.34 - Trust

trust is common with LYL
Level your Life -  [The Level of Trust] [4.34]


In Life circumstances sometimes unfold in a way that is contrary to how you think they should. During such disappointing times, trust in the process is crucial. When you do, you ward off tension,stress and pressure and ultimately experience success.
Trust that life flows, like a river, in all directions yet continues steadily torward its desination. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. Nature consistenly sends messages to us that point the way, signs that help us stay on the right path in following our dreams. Your progress may be slower than you desire, but like the warrior, see the wisdom in the plateau and trust nature´s way.
When you plant flowers, you do not pull them up to force them to grow faster or taller; you trust nature´s way and let them progress naturally. It is no different on the warrior path of extraordinary performance.
Life´s unfolding of events is as apparent as the coming and going of the seasons; all is exactly as it must be. Trust your instincs, trust your talents and gifts, trust the process and let things take their natural course.
To win a national championsship, run a successful business or raise a healthy family, it is essential to have trust in yourself and those around you.

Declaration: As my life unfolds before me , I trust that all things happen the way they are supposed to, not the way I think they should. I trust the flow like H²0.

Reflection: How do I show my lack of trust in the process of my phsyical endeavors? In what specific ways can I begin to trust in it - and myself ? what thoughts do I need to change in order to demonstrate self-trust ?

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