Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Level 2.71 - Failure

Level Your Life - [The Level of Failure] [2.71]


It never feels good to lose, experience setbacks, make mistakes or fail. Having had much failure in our lives, we notice that although it may cause disappointment at the time, all that we are today is the result of learning from such experiences. The adventurer understands that, in this way, when we lose, we also win.

Lao Tzu failed, yet he knew that his failure was his best teacher,mentor, and guide.

If you notice and pay attention to the way of LYL while in the gym or on the trail, you will learn that the arrow that hits the bull´s-eye is the result of a hundred misses.

Any of us who have become proficient with the computer in this technological age realizes that such skill is the result of errors, setbacks, and mistakes. As authors, we learn to write books by rewriting them.

We can say unequivocally that champions in all areas of life have a very high tolerance for loss,setback and failure. They would rather not have these experiences, but they know they are inevitable, and when they do occur, the best performers get back on their feet, learn from them, and become even greater because of their failure.

"I´ve missed more than nine thousand shots in my career; twenty-six times I´ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I´ve failed over and over and over again. And that is why I succeed." ~Michael  "Air" Jordan

Failure, for the adventurer, is an opportunity for future success. We can tell you from working closely with many,many athletes that success comes to those who weather the storm.

Declaration : Failure is nature´s way of teaching me how to improve. It is an important component of the process of living. Adversity gives me inner strength for another day.

Reflection: Look at your most recent failures, setbacks, and losses and ask yourself: What have I learned from these disappointing moments ? How am I better off because of such failure ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]