Friday, January 3, 2014

Level 1.38 - Hsing

Level Your Life - [The Level of Hsing] [1.38]
In Chinese, "Hsing" refers to the unity of the  heart and mind, their coming together to affirm nature´s way, the way of the warrior.
Most of us view heart and mind as seperated entities ; the spirit of the dancing warrior  perceives them as a dynamic interaction aligned for extraordinary possibility.
Training, competing and working from a head-space creates obession with outcomes,results,past mistakes and future failures. This leads to anxiety and self doubt. The warrior relishes and visualizes the thought of victory but also knows that the heart speaks in the moment for positive focus on the matter at hand, for controlling what once can with passion, fire and energy.
Not obessing on outcomes will relax you and help you perform at higher level.When you show up for an event,practise or work simply come to compete and focus on the little things that make you feel good and are in your control.These will propel you toward accomplishing your goal.In this way your body follows the heart in the moment.
If you are obessing about a previous blunder too much you might become anxious,tense and tentative when the next situation arises to do better - which may steer you right into a  a vicious circle.To bring the heart and mind together and be present in the moment, tell yourself the following: " that was lousy, but i can do better. Here I go " Then mentally correct the error and tell yourself: "Here it is, one move at a time. Here is a new beginning, a new opportunity to demonstrate my greatness"
When heart and mind function in alignment as one,you seek the extraordinary  each day, affirming your direction and efforts as you demonstrate integrity: doing what you say you`ll do.

Declaration:My best performance is the result of the dynamic unity of heart and mind, where the mind cooperates with what the heart knows to be right. I cherish victory,yet create success in the process.

Reflection: What specifically can I do to assist myself in aligning my heart and mind, while enjyoing the process and being in the moment ?