Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 2.55 - Centered

Level Your Life - [The Centered Level] [2.55]


We like to tell the story of a very talented potter whose creations are inconsistent. The quality of her work is directly related to the events in her life. If they throw her off center, her pottery becomes asymmetrical. When she remains centered and inwardly calm, she throws balanced beautiful pottery.
To be centered is to perform up to your capabilities, regardless of what life throws your way.
Athletics, fitness and other physical activities provide a splendid opportunity to learn the delicate virtue of centeredness, the ability to block out distraction and quickly respond to unpredictable change when it occurs.
Like a deeply rooted tree, centered people, remain unmoved by negative forces.Whenever you are confronted by external aggression or negative internal voices in your life, understand that these forces are lessons to help you shine
The awakened person knows that victory and defeat are natural consequences of all performance situations. Refuse to go overboard in celebrating the former or brooding over the latter. The warrior enjoys the contest for what it truly is: a process of self-learning and mastery, which is defined as staying on track. Know that you will fall of track. Being truly centered simply means being able to return to that sacred place more quickly than before. We encourage you to meditate and then visualize yourself responding effectively to change or upheaval in all areas of your life.

Declaration: Like a deeply rooted tree, I ream centered and free. I refuse to give anyone or anything permission to take me off center.

Reflection: Recall various situations in which you were caught off guard and lost your composure. What could you do to respond more appropriately to similar situations in the future ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]