Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 2.37 - Focus

how to increase your focus
Level Your Life - [The Level of Focus][2.37]


The Tao Te Ching says, " Hold on to the ancient Tao, control the current reality." In other words, when you stay focused in the moment, you control what can be controlled - you take the charge.

Such was the case of a world-class athlete who, running a marathon, told his tired body not to run twenty-six miles; he told it to run one mile and repeat it twenty-six times. His focus was on one small segment at a time.
Small,manageable segments offer a way to focus on each step of the way, whether in an athletic event or any other area of life. This will both relax and energize you while also increasing your confidence in achieving the task as you control your current reality.

Focus is the calm state of parking your attention on your experience in the moment rather than on past events or future possibilites.

This Zen state is equivalent to where your mind goes during a compelling movie or book as all else fades into the background.

We know that the difference between a good performance and a bad one is simply focus. So where must your focus lie ? On what you can do in the moment.  When your attention is on outcomes,results, or scores, which you can´t control, you get tense and tentative, and your performance will usually suffer.

When you focus instead on what you can control - the process, the little things,your attitude, the mechanics, and your mental training - you become calm, relaxed, and confident and thus create favorable results.

Using meditation, visualization, and affirmation as suggested by LYL will train your mind to have the focus of the seeker.

Declaration: I choose to focus only on what I can control, in that moment, and enjoy the process of experiencing my very best performances.

Reflection : What are all the little things involved in my activity that I can control, and how can I develop better focus in other parts of my world ?

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[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]