Sunday, January 19, 2014

Energy Level: Neutrality 250-310

energy level - level your life
Energy Level - Neutrality
Level Your Life [Neutrality 250-310]

Energy becomes very positive as we get to the level we have termed "Neutral", because it epitomized by release from the postionality that typifies lower levels. Below 250, consciousness tends to see dichotomies and take on rigid positions, an impediment in a world that´s complex and multifactorial rather than black and white.
Taking such positions creats polarization , which in turn creates opposition and division. As in the martial arts, a rigid position becomes a point of vulnerability; that which doesn´t bend is liable to break.
Rising above barriers or oppositions that dissipate one´s energies, the Neutral condition allows for flexibility and nonjudgmental,realistic appraisal of problems.

To be Neutral means to be relatively unattached to outcomes; not getting one´s way is no longer experienced as defeating, frightening or frustrating.

At the Neutral level, a person can say, "Well, if I don´t get this job, then I´ll get another." This is the beginning of inner confidence; sensing one´s power , one isn´t easily intimidated or driven to prove anything.
The expectation that life, which its ups and downs, will be basically okay if one can roll with the punches in a 250-level attitude.

People of Neutrality have a sense of well-being; the mark of this level is a confident capability to live in the world. This is the level of safety- people at this level are easy to get along with and safe to be around and associate with because they´re not interested in conflict,unnecessary competition or guilt.
They´re comfortable and basically undisturbed emotionally. This attitude is nonjudgmental and doesn´t lead to any need to control other people´s behaviors. Correspondingly, due to Neutral people´s value of freedrom, they´re difficult to control.

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