Saturday, January 18, 2014

Energy Level : Guilt 30-50

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Level Your Life [Guilt 30-50]

Guilt , so commonly in our society to manipulate and punish, manifests itself in a variety of expressions, such as remorse , self-recrimination, masochism and the whole gamut of symptons of victimhood.
Unconscious Guilt results in psychosomatic disease, accident-proneness, and suicidal behaviours.
Many people sturggle with Guilt their entire lives, while others desperately attempt escape by amorally denying it altogether.

Guilt-domination results in a preoccupation with "sin", an unforgiving emotional attitude frequently exploited by religious demagogues , who use it for coercion and control.
Such "sin-and-salvation" merchants,obsessed with punishment, are likely either acting out their own guilt, or projecting it on to others.

Subcultures displaying the abberration of self-flagellation often manifest other regional forms of cruelty, such as the public, ritual killing of animals. Guilt provokes rage, and killing frequently is its expression.
Capital punishment is an example of how killing gratifies a Guilt-ridden populace. Our unforgiving society, for instance, scorns its victims in the press and metes out punishments that have never been demonstrated to have any deterrent or corrective value.