Saturday, January 18, 2014

Energy Level : Grief 75-100

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Level your Life - Grief [75-100]

This is the level of sadness, loss and dependency.
Most of us have experienced it for periods of time, but those who remain this level live a life of constant regret and depression. This is the level of mourning, bereavement, and remorse about the past; it´s also the level of habitual losers and those chronic gamblers who accept failure as part of their lifestyle, often resulting in loss of jobs, friends, family, and opportunity as well as money and health.
Major losses early in life make on vulnerable to passive acceptance of grief later on,as though sorrow were the price of life. In Grief, one sees sadness everywhere - in little children, in life itself.
This level colors one´s entire vision of existence. Part of the syndrom of Grief is the notion of the irreplaceability of what´s been lost or that which is symbolized.
There is a generalization from the particular so that the loss of a loved one is equated with the loss of love itself. At this level, such emotional losses may trigger a serious depression or death.
Although Grief is the cemetery of life,it still has more energy to it than Apathy does.
Thus, when a traumatized, apathetic patient begins to cry, we know they´re getting better.

Once they start to cry, they will eat again.

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