Saturday, January 18, 2014

Energy Level : Fear 100-125

Energy Levels - Fear - improve your life
Level Your Life - [Fear 100-125]

At the level of 100, a lot more life energy is available - fear of danger is healthy.
Fear runs much of the world, spurring on endless activity. Fear of enemies, of old age or death, of rejection and a multitude of social fears are basic motivators in most people´s lives.
From the viewpoint of this level, the world looks hazardous , full of traps and threats. Fear is the favored official tool for control by oppressive totalitarian agencies, and insecurity in the stock-in-trade of major manipulations of the market place. The media advertising play to fear to increase market shares.

The proliferation of fears is as limitless as the human imagination : once Fear is one´s focus, the endless worrisome events of the world feed it. Fear becomes obsessive and may take any form - trepidation of losing a relationshop leads to jealousy and a chronically high stress level.
Fearful thinking can balloon into paranoia or generate neurotic defensive structures and because it´s contagious, become a dominant social trend.

Fear limits growth of the personality and leads to inhibition. Because it takes energy to rise above Fear, the oppressed are unable to reach a higher level unaided.Thus, the fearful seek strong leaders who appear to have conquered their own Fears to lead them out of its slavery.

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