Sunday, January 19, 2014

Energy Level : Courage 200-250

Energy Level - Courage - improve your life
Level Your Life Courage [200-250]

At the 200 level, power first appears. This is the critical line that distinguishes the positive and negative influences of life. At the level of Courage, an attainment of true power occurs; therefore,it´s also the level of empowerment. This is the zone of exploration, accomplishment, fortitude  and determination. At the lower levels, the world is seen as hopeless, sad, frightening or frustrating; but at the level of Courage, life is seen to be exciting, challenging , and stimulating.
Courage implies the willingness to try new things and deal with the changes and challenges of life.
At this level of empowerment, one is able to cope with and effectively handle the opportunities of life.
At 200, for instance, the energy to learn new job skills is available.
Growth and education become attainable goals.There´s the capacity to face fears or character defects and to grow despite them; anxiety also does not cripple endeavor as it would at lower stages of evolution.
Obstacles that defeat people whose consciousness is below 200 act as stimulants to those who have evolved into the first level of true power.
People at this level put back into the world as much energy as they take; at lower levels, populations as well as individuals drain energy from society without reciprocating. Because accomplishments result in positive feedback, self-reward and esteem become progressively self-reinforcing.
This is where productivity begins....

*The collective level of consciousness of mankind remained at 190 for many centuries and , curiously only jumped to its current level of 207 within the last decade..

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