Saturday, January 18, 2014

Energy Level : Apathy 50-75

Energy Levels - Improve your Life
Level your Life - Apathy [50-75]

This level is characterized by poverty, despair and hopelessness. The world and the future look bleak; pathos is the theme of life. Apathy is a state of helplessless; its victims, needy in every way, lack not only resources, but the energy to avail themselves of what may be available. Unless external energy is supplied by caregivers, death through passive suicide can result. Without the will to live, the hopeless stare blankly,unresponsive to stimuli, until their eyes stop tracking and there isn´t enough energy left to even swallow proffered food.
This is the level of the homeless and derelicts of society; it´s also the fate of many of the aged and others who become isolated by chronic or progressive diseases.
The apthetic are dependent; people in Apathy are "heavy" and are felt as a burden by those around them.
Too often , society lacks sufficient motivation to be of any real help to cultures ( as well as individuals) at this level, because they´re seen as drains of resources.

"This is the level of the streets of Calcutta, where only the saintly, such as Mother Teresa and her followers, dare to tread."

Apathy is the level of the abandonment of hope and few have the courage to really look in its face.