Sunday, January 19, 2014

Energy Level : Anger 150-175

LYL Energy Level-Anger
Level your Life - [Anger 150-175]

Although Anger may lead to homicide and war, as an energy level it´s much further removed from death than those below it. Anger can lead to either constructive or destructive action.
As people move out of Apathy and Grief to overcome fear as a way of life, they begin to want;
Desire leads to frustration, which in turn leads to Anger.
Thus, Anger can be a fulcrum by which oppressed are eventually catapulted to freedom.
Fury over social injustice, victimization , and inequality has created great movements that led to major changes in the structure of society.
But Anger expresses itself most often as resentment and revenge and is, therefore, volatile and dangerous.
Anger as a lifestyle is exemplified by irritable, explosive people who ae oversensitive to slights and become "injustice collectors," quarrelsome, belligerent, or litigious.
Since Anger stems from frustrated want,it´s based on the energy field below it.
Frustration results from exaggerating the importance of desires.
The angy person may go into rage, just like a frustrated infant.
Anger leads easily to hatred, which has an erosive effect on all areas of a person`s life..

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