Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6/3/2014 Daily Shorty

Why Would You Want to Be Over There?

Sometimes a person will say, “I’m not happy over here where I’m standing.
 I would much rather be over there—over there where my body is not sick,
or over there where I’m not overweight, or over there where
I have more money or a better relationship.”

And we ask, Why would you like to be over there?
Often the reply is, “Because I’m not happy over here where I’m standing.”
We then explain that it is important to talk about what is believed to be “over there”
 and to try to find the feeling-place of what’s “over there.
” For as long as someone is talking about, and feeling what’s
“over here,” it is not possible for them to get “over there.”

If you have been accustomed to thinking and speaking about
where you are currently standing, it is not anb easy thing to suddenly
 shift your vibrations and to now begin thinking and feeling something
that is very different.

In fact, the Law of Attraction says that you do not have access
 to thoughts and feelings that are very far from where you have
recently been vibrating, but with some effort, you could find other
thoughts. With a determination to feel better, you could change the subject
and therefore find other thoughts with better-feeling vibrations—
but vibrational shifting is usually a gradual process.

In fact, a continual attempt, in defiance of the Law of Attraction,
 of trying to jump vibrational ranges is a major factor in the feelings of discouragement
 that eventually cause people to conclude that they really
do not have control of their own life experiences.


“I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds– but I think of you
 always in those intervals.”   ~ Salvador Plascencia

Love you Lots LYL

Monday, June 2, 2014

Daily Shorty 6/02/14

If You Are Not Expecting It, You Are Not Allowing It....

Remember, each emotion indicates how much Energy you are summoning
because of your desire, and how much of that summoned Energy
you are allowing because of the predominant thoughts and beliefs that
you currently hold relative to that desire.

If you are feeling strong emotion, whether positive or negative,
that means that your desire is powerfully focused, and you are summoning
a great deal of Source Energy toward your desire.
When your strong emotions feel bad—like depression, fear, or anger—that means you
are offering resistance to your desire.
When your strong emotions feel good—like passion, enthusiasm, expectation, or love
that means you are offering no resistance to your desire, so the Source Energy that
you have summoned through your desire is not being challenged vibrationally by you—
and you are currently allowing the unfolding of your desire.

So it seems obvious that the perfect creative situation is to really, really
 want something that you truly believe is possible.
And when that combination of desire and belief is present within you, things will
quickly and easily unfold in your experience.
But when you want something that you do not believe is possible,
when you hold a desire for something that you do not expect— although a strong
enough desire can override a weaker belief—it does not unfold easily,
for you are not allowing it into your current experience.

I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” 
~ Bruce Lee