Saturday, October 4, 2014

Daily Shorty 10/04/14

You Must Be Consciously Aware to Be a Deliberate Creator 

We think it is a wonderful thing when you begin
to make the correlation between what you have been thinking and feeling,
and what is manifesting.

For in that conscious awareness,
you are then able to deliberately modify
your thoughts in order to attract something that is even more pleasing.

But  the most satisfying aspect of Deliberate Creation
comes from being sensitive to the way the thoughts you are thinking feel,
for then it is possible to modify  a bad-feeling thought to one that feels better,
and to thereby improve your point of attraction before something unwanted manifests.

It is far easier—before an unwanted physical manifestation appears—
to deliberately change  the direction of your thought to something
that feels better. You will come to understand that Deliberate Creation
is about deliberately  guiding your thoughts in good-feeling directions.

You will feel the  satisfaction of deliberately choosing a good-feeling thought,
and then you  will enjoy observing the good-feeling manifestation that must follow.

There is even some satisfaction to be found in
recognizing the not-so-good-feeling  thought and then observing
the not-so-good manifestation that must follow,  for now your
conscious awareness of the powerful Law of Attraction will
give you the feeling of control.
Without making the correlation between your thoughts and feelings 
and the manifestations that are occurring, you have no
conscious control of what happens in your experience.


“Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway.” ~ Dr.Robert Anthony

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