Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Entering LYL

                 The Beginner´s Mind/Intro
[Prologue Part C- Entering LYL]

A successful businessman went to a Zen master and announced
he had come to learn all about Zen. 
The master invited the man to sit down and have tea.
As the master poured the tea, it overflowed. The businessman shouted, 
"It´s spilling, it´s spilling !" To which the master replied, "Precisely - you came with a full cup.
You cup is already spilling over, so how can I give you anything ? 
Unless you come with emptiness, I can give you nothing."

Your journey into LYL begins when you empty your mind of all the overused and
undernourishing ideas you have inherited about athletics,business,spirituality and life in general.
By opening your mind and being receptive - a mindset called the Beginner´s Mind - you invite many
new attitudes on which you can build your LYL approach to every aspect of life.
Using your Beginner´s Mind, you will see things in a refreshing, exhilarating way, and become aware of a multitude of alternative avenues that lead to extraordinary performance.

Come into LYL with an empy mind. Open yourself up to your unlimited potential for achievement.

This is your initiation into the eloquence of the thinking body and the grace of the dancind mind.