Friday, January 3, 2014

Level 1.53 - Perseverance

Level Your Life - [The Level of Perseverance][1.53]
When you handle suffering with a warrior`s heart, eventual success will be your reward.Know that talent, as important as it is, accounts for a mere 5 percent of most achievements.
As you have no doubt experienced, performance can become discouraging.The warrior`s heart enables you to be resilent, to get back up again and again - in a deliberate,intentional way, when you feel down.
The Chinese sage Confucius encourages us to not lose heart until the task is complete through steadfast movement on the path to extraordinary performance.

When you are discouraged with the leel of development of your skills, change your focus from outcomes and results to the joy of the process, the worthwhile experience of development itself, knowing that fulfillment will come if you stay on course.
The Warrior accomplishes significant deeds through enduring effort in a consistent direction.When you seem to be stuck, not making progress in any of life´s endeavors , compassion may remind you that you are not alone; everyone experiences blockage and obstacles that discourage forward movement.
Can you sense that the experience, the journey itself is worthwile?
Rather then letting them annoy you, see the plataus you reach along the way as essential periods of deeper learning and mastery.Notice that despite all twists and turns, the river eventually finds its way to the sea.

Declaration: With strength,steady movement, and consistent hope, I await the dawning of the new day.I expect good things to happen when I presevere.

Reflection:What examples do I have in my life about being ready to quit but choosing to presevere instead ?What aspects of my life could benefit from my willingness to persevere ? What`s stopping me from hanging in there? 

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]