Friday, January 3, 2014

Level 1.48 - Partnership

Level Your Life - [The Level of Partnership][1.48]
Working together, the interaction of your spheres of influence can achieve significant deeds "I ching"
We encourage you to relax and embrace and be thankful for any opposing forces, as they are your teachers who challenge you to reach heights you might never attain without them. True strength, like water, blends with opposing forces.
A warrior does not view opponens as the enemy to be beaten or killed.Such thought patterns could cause you great stress and anxiety.Instead, remember that the word "competition" in Latin means "to seek together".
In all of your competetive events, consider your opponents as  partners who help you seek greatness.A good Warrior opponent is someone who will challenge you to discover your best -inviting you to push beyond what you thought were limits.
Whether working out or working on a corporate team,you achieve so much more by working together.
Take your inspiration from nature. Remember that  flocks of geese flying in V formation travel 71  percent farther by helping each other. Other birds,  when flying as partners,can travel as much as three thousand miles in four and a half days non-stop, rest for a few days, and then repeat the process.

Declaration: I love my opponent because the better the competion, the more I discover how good I really am.Competition always brings out the opportunity for personal best-performance.

Reflection: What might I gain or learn from viewing my opponent as my partner, mentor or teacher ? In what way can I teach my opponent to take it up a notch ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]