Friday, January 3, 2014

Level 1.45 - Respect

Level Your Life - [The Level of Respect][1.45]

The warrior is intent on demonstrating the virtue of respect - for self, co-workes,teammates,coaches and opponents. There are many ways of being disrespectful in life: showing up late for work/practise, not learning the routines and plays, refusing to give your all, behaving innappropriaetely,yelling at others, using sarcam and the biggest of all - failure to hustle.
Respect coincides with the Zen teaching "do the right thing".
Respect is really about developing relationships in an environment of integrity,positive communication,trust,loyality,compassion and dignity.
An attitude of respect is crucial in achieving high-level performance.Healthy relationships are built on trust and loyalty through positive communication and forgiveness. The key is to respect all others as you would like to be respected.
In Chinese,the symbols for respect express  the understanding that respect for others begins with respect for yourself. Think of throwing a stone in the center of a pond and how every ripple reaching outward begins at the single point where the stone initially dropped in. In the same way, all respect for others begin with self-respect. With such respect, you create an environment that is conducive to extraordniary performance.
Respect is one aspect of love. When you feel loved- you will easily go the (extra) distance - do what is asked of you and more. When you respect and love others, you don´t lose power or control; you gain it. A lack of respect creates resistance,alienation and resentment - even revolt.
According to the I Ching, the ancient chinese book of change, respect of others creates spirit of loyalty.

Declaration: When I demonstrate the heart-driven virtue of respect for myself an others, I create  environments where great accomplishments are not only possible but inevitable.Success is the by-product of respect and love.

Reflection: Under what circumstances do I demonstrate a lack of respect for myself or others ? What can i do to change that

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]

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