Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Prologue

Enjoy your journey to your full potential

We all participate in cycles of change.
We understand the cyclic transformation of all aspects of life as a process of constant movement.
This process is LYL - the business of our many ways of being in this world.

We wish to offer you a visual and kinetic language that will enable you to use your body and your mind as participants in a creative process, to become the best you can be and level up your life.
LYL is a whole-brain and body activity. To be "good" in it requires the presence and participation of your mind, body, and spirit in total synchronization, with the spontaneity and centered awareness attributed to ancient sages.

The ultimate LYL-Gamer is a "cosmic dancer," an "acrobat of God".

LYL strifes to be an ineffable open concept, the most profound and purest simplicity of being, in accordance with nature - the watercourse way. 

The everyday expression for "business" in Chinese, shen yi, is literally "the meaning of life/living". It is truly our business to make sure that our lives have meaning.

Once you have found out which meaning that is supposed to be you can start your game of LYL.

LYL is indeed the new game in town, the timely and worldly juxtaposition and synthesis of the mind and the body.

This journey is dedicated to everyone who strifes to improve our world.

                       [Prologue part B, preparing for the adventure]

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]